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Scenic Sun

ScenicSun: Protecting your health and enhancing your beauty at the same time

A bronzed skin with an alluring dusky tone looks beautiful and attractive. To achieve this, people have resorted to sun bathing for centuries. Continuous exposure to sunrays leads to increased synthesis of melanin, which is the primary pigment responsible for darkening skin colour. However, the ultraviolet rays of the sun lead to burnt skin and increased risk of skin cancer. Thus, alternatives like Melanotan are gaining immense popularity amongst people who want to get a natural looking tan without any health hazards.

Melanotan injections release the artificially synthesized peptide Melanotan into the skin. This causes increased melanin synthesis even without sun exposure. The user injects this compound regularly (as per the recommended dosage) until the desired skin colour develops. The treatment is then only used to maintain the tanning.

For those who fear the prick of a needle, another great option is available in the form of Melanotan nasal spray. The peptide is administered and absorbed inside the body through the nasal route. It produces exactly same results as the injection.

Tanning injections melanotan is thus a safe and effective way to gain a natural-looking tan. It is convenient to use and protects from health hazards of sun exposure.